Your Local Computer, iPhone
& Cell Phone Repair Service
in New York

Let's face it, in today's world, we not only want but need most things quickly and conveniently. There is nothing as frustrating as a non-functioning computer or having to wait for a PC to catch up with you. With technology being such an integral part of today's world, a slow or improperly functioning computer can mean lost time, money or business.


US-Comp-Tech will help you quickly and conveniently resolve all your computer problems. You should not have to waste your precious time, while your computer takes up space on your desk! Our round the clock, in-home/in-office repair and support service will help you get out of a bind quick. Whether it is upgrades for faster and more efficient performance or hardware repairs, we will improve your PC and have it ready in no time.


As a small local computer & cell phone repair service, we always focuses on providing our clients with the best quality, fast and hassle free support. Our certified computer technicians will give you courteous, personalized, friendly, sensible and affordable service for home and small office computer. You can carry your machine in to our repair place or we can provide onsite repair for very reasonable rate. Pickup & delivery services are also available within 15 miles from NYC.

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  • 1787 Fulton St. Brooklyn NY 11233
    Ph: (347) 553-3407


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We do fix most of leading brand products including;  


Laptop & Desktop Computer Repair

Virus, spyware, malware and Trojan removal, Accelerate computer's speed and optimization, Full computer health check, Broadband troubleshooting and Installation, Data backup solutions, Recovery of lost data/files, Hardware repairs and upgrades, Home and office networks - wired and wireless Operating system & software installation, Passwords reset or removal, PC and laptop hardware & Software repair/ troubleshoot, Data transfer/ migration, New computer Installation/setup, Scanner/iPod/MP3/Digital Camera/PDA Peripheral support, Games consoles repair and support, Firewall/Security protection, Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX & Linux support (all versions), General E-mail support/ troubleshoot, Network administration, Business IT outsourcing, Web designing & hosting, Graphic Designing & Printing, E-mail & online backup hosting, General PC maintenance & cleaning, Emergency system recovery Computer consultancy, Weekends Off-Peak hours support, Remote Support, Onsite/Pickup/Drop-Off Service, Rapid Response 24/7 Emergency Support


iPhone / iPod / Cell Phone Repair

Repair of Broken LCD, Touch Screens, Trackballs, USB Ports and Charger Ports Speakers, Mic, Camera, Keypads, etc., Phone Unlock (soft, hard, password, network, etc), Repair of Water Damaged or Physically Damaged Phones, Fix Software Problems, Data, Phonebook Transfer and Recovery


Web Designing & Hosting

We provide interactive website development, design, redesign, database-to-web integration, e-commerce and e-business solutions,  graphic & animation design for web and print, full website hosting services, professional online marketing including Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Setup Pay Pre Click (PPC), Local Search Optimization, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing  and much more.

Graphic Designing

We provide professional custom print graphics, web graphics, and logo design at affordable rate. We can design graphics for any marketing piece, business cards, stationary, flyers, CD/DVD covers, sales sheets, posters, brochures, carbonless forms, note pads, large format banners, vehicle wraps, postcards, magazine advertisements, newsletters, store displays and much more.

Photo Editing & Restoration

We do photo editing & restoration with professional editing tools & software.  Adjustments can be made to colors, objects or people can be removed from the shot, multiple photos can be combined to create the perfect image, and much more. Even if the original image isn't exactly as you'd like, our team can optimize it to suit your project. Faded, torn, stained, and even water damaged photos can be digitized and repaired to restore them to their original condition.

Video Editing & Production

We specializes in basic video editing including adding text/titles/music, remove unnecessary events, enhance sound and lightning quality, mixing & dubbing, video to DVD transfer, DVD and CD duplication, photo/video montages, super 8mm, 8mm & 16mm home movie transfers, 35mm slide transfers, prepare video files for web or media presentations, and much more.

Professional Presentation Design

Our expert knowledge, awareness, and understanding of market communications, creative and concept development, together with our technical ability; we are able to plan, create, compose, and edit, your Power Point, Flash, Video, or other multimedia presentations quickly and affordably according to your specifications.